Highlights From Our State of the Art Fitness Studio

SALT is an award winning boutique indoor cycling studio on the east coast which delivers an intense cardio experience and fitness classes like no other.  Here are just a few of the unique benefits we offer:

  • State of the art Schwinn bikes with ergonomic handles and seats for the ultimate ride. These are the most coveted bikes in the industry!

  • A premium 360° sound system that creates synergy between our stimulating curated playlists and your body's natural rhythm.

  • A spacious studio boasting 12ft ceilings.

  • Black lighting as you work out in the dark, which not only heightens your senses but targets your focus on the immediate - not how your week went, or how those around you are doing.

  • Complementary towel service.

  • Two 60lb Himalayan salt lamps that release negative ions and purify the air.


Lights down. Music up. Sweat on. This is our signature 45 minute cardio class that packs the most punch! This high intensity class is set to energizing beats and incorporates weights for light upper-body work. You'll leave feeling powerful and purified.This cycling class is for beginners and experienced riders alike. You are in control if the intensity from start to finish!


Burn, baby! Burn! This 45 minute class is designed to be a maximum calorie killer. High Intensity Interval Training is known to burn more fat AND increase your metabolism! This class is set to energizing beats, doesn't use weights, and its focus is to challenge your aerobic threshold! You'll leave feeling sweaty and stronger. This class is perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike. You are in control of the intensity and pace from start to finish!



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